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In the interest of ensuring our students are well fit for the industry we have categorized our courses into various levels. This is in order to ensure our students get gradual learning and understanding in software development and engineering. The levers include; Basic, Standard, Advanced, Digital Media and Diploma in Software development

Some of the skills we offer are:

Basic Skills

These skills are suited for graduates or candidates looking to acquire office productivity skills. Entry Level Salary is

Standard Skills

These skills are meant for graduates/candidates who are have interest in programming through different platforms. Entry Level Salary is $450

Advanced Skills

These Skills are meant for graduates/candidates who would like to take professional based courses. Entry Level Salary is $800

Postgraduate training

A trainee's well-being is an essential part of our postgraduate training programs, we focus on sharpening the skills you have to perfection. This is attained by pinpointing the weak points in development that a trainee might have and we turn them to more than just strengths but key highlights in your development career.

Data science

Data science is a concept used to tackle big data and includes data cleansing, preparation, and analysis.
Data science, data analytics, and machine learning are some of the most in-demand

Professional Skills

The professional developer program is aimed at providing focused hands on training in Software development and engineering. The course duration lasts 2 and half years.

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Zalego will train you in all aspects of design, programming and creativity to make sure you are ready for the market.