Our values

Zalego is a pioneer and one of fastest growing skill-based training, recruitment, research and innovation firm, with a focus on premium job placement. For the past 3 years we have successfully placed and mentored 50% graduate trainees into various ICT companies, 30% have ventured into entrepreneurship while the rest 20% are still pursuing further studies.


In the next 3 years we are targeting to place 3000 graduates into various ICT companies. Our endeavor is to provide a rich and diverse ecosystem in the ICT sector that will furnish graduate trainees with clear training paths on related skillsets that will nurture them into experts ready to take up matching job requirements in the ICT sector in East & Central Africa.



To foster an enabling breeding ground that will produce the best of the best software engineers who will innovate and aspire to be self -employed as we endeavor to become the leading software house in Africa



Offering training that enable students use the skills and knowledge acquired to lead productive lives and become contributing members of the global community

We Stand On These Pillars

Talent Search

Spotting the best

We annually organize competitions among various institutions.Our goal is to be able to identify and pick students with talent and guide them. Read More


Creating Opportunities

We encourage graduates to be innovative and come up with ideas that will creat job opportunities.We strive to identify the best means Read More


Building Bridges

We believe that the strength of our program is in working inclusively with all players in the industry rather than exclusively. We have ... Read More


Seeking solutions

Research plays a key role in our company.We heavily rely on our research to guide us on apprenticeship, internship, Job placement and innnovations. Read More


Evaluating Candidates

With our tested and proven approach on preparing job-seekers for the Job market, high rate of unemployment will soon become a thing of the past. Read More


Placing the best

We provide a seamless link between institution of higher learning and the Job market. On one end of the ecosystem, our task is to provide candidates with a dynamic... Read More

We Work With Market Leaders As Partners

Wonna be a world class developer !

Zalego will train you in all aspects of design, programming and creativity to make sure you are ready for the market.